Arcaido is our challenge: With 30 years of watchmaking expertise, we create high-quality, affordable products

Arcaido became a reality in Balestra Studios, home to our family goldsmiths since 1993. Business-to-business watchmaking has been an integral part of our operations for decades.

We have devoted thirty years to researching and driving the latest fashion trends, perfecting movements with the quality components – and sourcing the most finest materials.

As the new millennium approached, our business offering expanded to incorporate design. We successfully started designing and manufacturing watches for clients worldwide.

Hard work, innovation and passion for new ideas, thanks in part to the dedication our founder’s son, Alberto, we continue to push the possibilities for our company.

This is Arcaido. From the Italian word ‘arca’, which means ‘ark’, as a metaphor of a vessel of past knowledge and new ideas.

Our mission is to produce beautifully crafted timepieces that challenge our audience to dream big.

We pride ourselves on:

  • A Made in Italy passion for perfection
  • Swiss-made manufacturing standards
  • The highest possible quality of customer-focused design

‘Arcaido – it’s mine’

Arcaido’s clients can add personal touches to their made-to-order watches, such as custom engravings (including signatures) to the watch face.

Our expert craftsmanship reflects the development of wrist accessories, creating a profound sense of the past and future of men’s fashion.

Arcaido was born out from coupling our unique insight with an ambition for being different.